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Live and work in the U.S. without fear.

Take the first step toward fixing your immigration status.

Live and work in the U.S. without fear.

Take the first step toward fixing your immigration status.

✓ Ensure Proper Filing

✓ Fix Your Immigration Status

✓ Achieve Your Freedom

Gilda McDowell Lubbock Immigration Attorney

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Are you worried about being deported?

You need to fix your immigration status, but there is a problem:

  • The immigration process is confusing, and you aren’t sure where to start.
  • Immigration forms are complicated, and you don’t want to file the wrong one.
  • You can’t afford to pay fees twice because of a filing error.
  • You’re running out of time to get your immigration status fixed.
  • You don’t know who to trust.

You deserve to live and work in this country without fear.

Fix Your Immigration Status.

Safeguard your future in this country.

Work in the U.S.

There are many types of employment based visas depending on the level of skill required for the job and depending on the industry. We can help select the right visa for you!

Lubbock Green Card Attorney

Get your Green Card

Green card holders are allowed to work and live permanently in the United States. There are different ways of obtaining a green card. We can help you!

Become a U.S Citizen

Obtaining citizenship is the ultimate dream for most immigrants. Since 2009, we have help hundreds of clients achieve that dream. You could be next!

Reunite with your Loved Ones

Being able to bring your fiancé, spouse, parents, siblings or your children born abroad to the United States is life changing. We’ll help you through the entire process.

Fixing your immigration status to live, work and travel in and out out the U.S is priceless. Take the first step now.

We don’t just care about you – we also care about your family’s future!

It makes a difference when you get the help you need from someone who not only understands the process, but who understands you and your unique situation. As a proud immigrant myself, I know exactly how you feel because I have personally gone through the whole immigration process.

See what my clients have to say:

Ready to Fix Your Immigration Status?

Getting started is easy:

1. Schedule your First Consultation

Understand your immigration status, what is possible, and what you need to do to achieve your desired outcome.

2. Fix your Immigration Status

Know the required documents and fees necessary to achieve your immigration goals.

3. Achieve your Freedom

Be free from the constant fear of deportation. Live, work, and travel in and out of the United States as you please and reunite with your loved ones!

Professional Immigration Services in Lubbock, Texas

Many immigrants live in constant fear of removal. We can help you live in this country without fear by fixing your immigration status.

Nobody wants to live in fear. The problem is that people are often either afraid to seek legal advice or they are afraid they can’t afford it. Therefore, instead of getting competent legal advice, they either hire non-attorneys (notarios) or they do it on their own to “save money.” However, filling the wrong form or filling the right form, but incorrectly, will cost you more money, lots of delays and may even put your current immigration status at risk.

Don’t put your future in this country in the hands of someone who is untrained in this area of the law. As an immigrant myself, I understand exactly how you feel, which is why I have devoted my career to handling immigration cases exclusively. Since 2009, I have helped hundreds of clients fix their immigration status.

Working with us is as simple as:

1. Schedule your first consultation.

2. Get a clear plan that walks you through the entire process.

3. Achieve the piece of mind you are seeking.

It is time to fix your immigration status!

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Ready to Fix Your Immigration Status?

Types of Visas

Adjustment of Status

Visitor Visa


Student Visas

Green Cards

U.S. Citizenship

Fiancé Visa


How can I bring family members to the United States?2023-12-13T03:51:28+00:00

Families often seek reunification, and understanding the processes for sponsoring family members is essential. This could include bringing spouses, children, parents, or siblings to join the petitioner in the United States. Learn more about our Family-Based Immigration services.

Can I work while my immigration application is pending?2023-12-13T03:50:02+00:00

This is a common concern for individuals in the immigration process. Depending on the type of visa or application, there may be specific guidelines regarding employment authorization during the waiting period. Contact us and we can advise you on your specific occupational needs.

What can I do if my visa application is denied?2023-12-13T03:48:16+00:00

Understanding the options available after a visa denial is crucial Gilda can advise the best possible path. This could involve appealing the decision, reapplying with additional documentation, or exploring alternative immigration pathways.

How long does the immigration process typically take?2023-12-13T03:47:31+00:00

Many clients are interested in knowing the expected timeline for their immigration case. This answer can vary widely depending on the type of visa or immigration benefit sought, government processing times, and any potential complications. By hiring Gilda McDowell you can ensure the process is as smooth and worry free as possible.

What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a visa or green card?2023-12-13T03:45:11+00:00

This question addresses the basic requirements that individuals need to meet in order to qualify for a visa or green card. It may involve factors such as family relationships, employment, asylum, or other specific circumstances. Contact us, we can help you understand the process and have the best chance of getting approved.


Feel free to share your questions or immigration concerns with us. We are eager to provide assistance and support to migrants.

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