Rights of a
Green Card Holder

Green card holders have equal rights and privileges of any United States citizen. Green card holders are entitled to a social security card and number. They have the right to own and operate businesses.

There are some exceptions, for example, a legal permanent resident cannot register to vote in a United States election of any kind and must not commit any criminal law violations that would render him or her deportable.

In addition, it is the duty of the legal permanent resident to have their green card with them at all times to prove lawful status.


If a legal permanent resident no longer wants to reside in the United States, he or she may file form I-407. He or she may go to an immigration or consular officer and simply surrender the green card.

In addition, a legal permanent resident of the United States must show that he or she resides, in fact, in the United States. Trips outside of the United States for long periods of time may be sufficient evidence that the individual does not reside in the United States. Changing an address to an address abroad may be evidence of abandonment. Before taking an extended stay outside of the United States, a legal permanent resident is advised to seek advice from an immigration attorney.

Renewing a Green Card

To renew a green card, the government will retake finger prints of the person seeking the renewal or re-issuance of the card.
They will ensure the individual is still eligible to become a resident of the United StatesIn some circumstances, a person may want to wait to file for a renewal or re-issuance of the green card if there are any arguments that can be made against the residency .

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