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Like you, I am also an immigrant to this country. I was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico and I came to the United States in the year 2001 after my marriage to an American citizen.  I attended law school in my country at the Universidad Regional del Norte in the state of Chihuahua.  However, as many of you know, you can be “somebody” in your home country, but when you come to America without speaking English you are nobody here.  I left behind my family, my country and everything I was familiar with to come to this country.  I did not want to give up on my dream of becoming an attorney and helping people. I worked extremely hard to learn enough English to be able to continue my education in the United States and 5 years after coming to this country, I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Political Science major and a minor in Legal Studies.  In 2008, I graduated with a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Tech University school of Law and I opened my law firm in 2009.

Lubbock Immigration Attorney Gilda McDowell

You should hire us because we care about you and your success! Your experience will be completely different when you consult with an immigration attorney through an interpreter versus when you consult to an Immigration attorney who not only speaks your own language fluently, but also understands your culture.  All my employees are also immigrants and speak Spanish as their first language. Our mission is to help immigrant families work and live in the United States without fear. We have changed the lives of many of our clients. You can read their success stories on our testimonial section, google reviews, or our Facebook page. You could be our next success story.

As you already know immigration is one of the most talked about areas of the law on TV, news, and reports.  Immigration law and their interpretation is constantly changing.  However, the recent changes have not been favorable to the immigrant communities.  If there is even a small possibility that you may be able to fix your immigration status, you should pursue it. Call us to schedule an appointment for an immigration evaluation. Your peace of mind and your family’s future are worth it!

People underestimate the complexity of immigration cases and think that all that is required to do is fill out forms. However, the consequences of filling out the wrong forms or the correct forms incorrectly can be catastrophic to your case by having your case delayed, denied, or even placing you in removal proceedings. Your immigration case is not a situation where you should become wise at your own expense. Hire a competent immigration attorney to handle your case, your peace of mind and future are worth it!

Experienced Representation

Mrs. McDowell

Mrs. McDowell

After going through the immigration process herself, Mrs. McDowell became truly interested in immigration law. In 2006, she moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University, School of Law, where she participated in the Civil Law Clinic and provided free legal representation to the indigent in the community.

Legal Advisor

Legal Advisor

Mrs. McDowell also served as the Vice President of the Immigration Law Student Association and Vice President of the Texas Tech International Law Society. She graduated from Texas Tech University, School of Law with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence in 2008. She is an Honest and Compassionate Legal Advisor.


“We are here for you through every area of immigration law”

Compassionate Service

At The Law Office of Gilda McDowell, you will feel at ease, with her ability to speak English and Spanish fluently. She can work with you directly and without the need of interpreters or translators, which allows her to provide the focused expertise and skilled representation you deserve. She naturally infuses compassion and empathy to her clients, making it easier for her to relate to her client’s current situation.


Everyone deserves the right to work and the ability to earn an honest living. Mrs. McDowell can help you obtain Temporary Worker Visas, such as (H-1B), Temporary Non-Agricultural Worker (H-2B), and Temporary Agricultural Worker (H-2A).

Family Based

Your right to a happy and united family shouldn’t stop at the border. There may be some options available for you, if you are an immediate relative of a U.S Citizen, a preference relative of a U.S Citizen or Green Card Holder or an accompanying relative of someone in a Preference Category.


The defense of marriage act (DOMA) was overturned concluding that a denial of marriage rights to same sex couples was unconstitutional based on the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

Client Testimonials

“Texas, and it is even more difficult to obtain a working visa for an athlete with extraordinary abilities. Thanks to your efforts and expertise, I was able to secure an O-1 visa for an athlete with extraordinary abilities to become my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach for United Martial Arts Center. I want to express my deepest gratitude for all you and your staff did to ensure the success of this case. I could not be more pleased with the results you produced. I recommend Gilda McDowell unequivocally and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Y. Lee, President of United Marital Arts Center

“Gilda McDowell has proven to be among one of the best lawyers in her field. While the process is lengthy, she made it as smooth as possible. Her guidance is straight-forward and her dedication is endless. She showed continuous concern throughout the entire process. We were fortunate to receive a successful and life-changing outcome. If it were not for Gilda McDowell’s perseverance, dedication, and hard work, we would not have achieved this goal. It is with great admiration and appreciation that I recommend using her services.”

Lidia & Roberto Arellano


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In 2009, Mrs. McDowell was admitted to the State Bar of Texas. She has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyer Association, as well as the Lubbock Area Bar Association since 2009.

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